Classic Old Tawny Gift box


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This beautiful gift includes a premium Liebich Estate Classic Old Barossa Tawny with a custom label presented in a timber box with an acrylic lid

The Liebich family are proud custodians of a collection of fortified barrels spanning over 80 years. Each year our estate grown grape varietals are harvested at high sugar levels. After fortification with grape spirit, the wine is left to mature in different size oak barrels (sometimes for decades) maturing into complex, aromatic wines, with immense depth and concentration of flavour.

These parcels of varying ages are then blended together prior to bottling to create the perfect balanced wine,for drinking now.

This Classic Old Barossa Tawny is a blend of fortified bush vine Grenache. It exhibits complex raisin, cinnamon and nutmeg characters. Enjoy the flavours of yesteryear.


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