Corporate Gifts

Maintaining good business relationships with clients is important in successfully thriving and surviving in a competitive marketplace. It’s all about forming bonds that can’t be broken, and making sure you stand out amongst other suppliers, service providers, colleagues and stakeholders.

While it goes against the conventional wisdom of cutting spending, business gifts are an excellent and proven technique in ensuring client retention and satisfaction. When executed properly, the right corporate gifts will keep a company’s brand in the forefront of a client’s mind, creating that extra competitive edge needed in today’s market. That little something extra can make the difference in a client seeking out your competition for better a deal or remaining a loyal customer to you.

At Wines By Design, we understand the challenges companies are facing in this tough economy and with the high quality, cost effective, and personalised gifts we offer, Wines By Design can help you convey to clients your appreciation for their loyalty while giving your company brand a competitive edge. They’re suitable for all times of the year; imagine how much you’ll stand out when your clients get a beautiful bottle from you, and standard greeting cards from everyone else.

Our corporate wine gifts are subtly stylish & perfect for giving in a business setting

With our wide choice of corporate wine labels, including fresh new custom designs, there are plenty of opportunities for comprehensive branding. Keep your organisation in the lucky recipients’ minds when they’re enjoying good times over a glass of vino. Corporate wine can be ordered as individual bottles with the same label, or packaged in impressive boxes, or accompanied with custom glassware – the choice is yours. Browse our site for inspiration and a taste of what’s possible. Remember, we can ship corporate wine gifts from our Melbourne HQ to any location around the country.

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